Veterinarians receive broad training in the medical care and surgery of all species-dogs, cats, horses, pigs, birds, etc.  Veterinarians are trained to treat more than one species which leads to them being a jack of all trades and master of none.  This is not in the best interest of your pet.  In recent years, many cats only veterinary practices have been established but why not a dogs only practice?  It is a fact that more households own dogs than cats.  It is time for dogs to have the medical attention they deserve.  So, Why Dogs Only?  Why not?

Why Dogs Only?

  • We are dog people.
  • Our knowledge of
       specific breeds shortens
       diagnosis and treatment
  • Clients allergic to cats
  do not have allergic
       symptoms in our office.
  • Equipped to physically handle large and giant breed dogs.
  • Caring nurses with dog handling training.
  • Nail trims done at no charge.
  • A resource of dog knowledge that we want to share to enhance your bond with your dog.
  • We cannot know everything about everything, but WE KNOW DOGS!
Serving Gahanna, New Albany, Blacklick, Westerville, Bexley and surrounding communities.