What Our Clients Say...
"Dr. Prescott goes the extra mile to get to the root of the problem.  I feel very confident in her."  Sandy Y.

"I felt the Doctor was interested and made me feel comfortable. Very thorough in her exam. I was impressed with office procedure."  Dorothy B.

"This was my best vet visit ever!"  Andy P.

"Excellent professionalism-great outcome!"  Zrelder S.

"We had an excellent visit."  Tristan & Jon B.

"This is the first doctor that has given us hope that Tucker can be helped with his skin condition."  Kristy and Greg G.

"Exceptional-the entire staff made me and my puppy feel like we were their favorite patient, and it was only our first visit there.  Extremely friendly place; I look forward to taking my dog to his vet appointments."  Deanna P.

"Everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable.  We were taken very good care of."  Cathy L.

"I really appreciate how quickly we were taken care of on both days we were in.  I don't like rushing these types of things, but because of our work schedules, we had to be quick with the visits, unfortanately.  Thank you so much once again for that."  Kimberly R. & Brannon C.

"I felt Dr. Prescott took her time with Scooby and actually cared for his needs.  Thank you!"  Lauren C.

"I am very pleased and impressed with DOMC.  I always look to see the interaction of people with my pet.  DOMC’s was excellent."  Walter H.

"Lady is a rescue dog and became ill soon after bringing her home.  The staff got her in the day I called, very intereseted in her hx. and care, very helpful with all questions, kept me informed several times during the appt. as to what was happening.  I had made another appt. for Lady at another vet but they could not get her in until later in the week, i'm glad we came here!  Thank-you for your professional and caring manner." Jeannine T.

"Towards the end of the exam, Anya was begining to calm down, I think she was becoming comfortable - She's Always Hated the Vet." Mike T.

"Our first visit to Dogs Only was absolutely wonderful!  We truly felt as though the staff cared for us as individuals - we didn't feel like a number.  Our Monty was treated like royalty and he LOVED the very sweet treatment he received (lots of treats and ear rubs ).  We are truly looking forward to introducing Stella to Dr. Prescott and staff this weekend!   And a few special notes:  Cathy is absolutely wonderful and her warmth was apparent even over the phone - it gave us a hint of the magnificent treatment we ultimately received.  In addition, Monty's nurse Lori-Ane was fantastic!  She was so nice and very sweet .  Thank you, Dogs Only!  We definitely found a vet (and staff!) we can trust!"  Theresa & Joshua W.

"I am very impressed so far with Dog's only medical center, it was immediatley apparent Dr. Prescott knew what she was talking about and has an extreme wealth of experience with dogs. I am confident that Whiskey will get all the care she needs to enjoy life to the fullest!"  Josh B.

"She is so happy to come.  She knows that the staff loves dogs." Marilyn B.

"Great experience - we will definitely be back soon!"  Kelly S.

"I found your establishment clean and the process for the visit well organized.  I also appreciated that the focus was on the health of my dog – not an attempt to “sell” me on a product you just happen to have available in your lobby.  Everyone, was very professional, polite and showed genuine concern for Shelby.  Dr. Prescott was very kind and made sure I not only understood the proposed course of action, but that I also agreed with it."  Cheryl S.

"She is so happy to come.  She knows that the staff loves dogs." Marilyn B.

"I was very impressed!" Angie V.

"I really like how the tech writes everything down that we discussed."  Emily & Josh R.

"I am totally confident my Lily will receive the best of care! Thank you!" Sherry G.

"Very pleasant experience" Irene Y.

"Incredible staff - friendly and professional and truly felt like they cared about our dogs. Cathy loved her. Katie / Lori loved them. Dr Prescott loved her." Burton G.

"I will always come back and share my experience.  I had my 3 kids and dog with me and the service and help your staff provided was unbelievable.  They called my previous vet to have records transferred, toys in the room to help with the wait, calmed our dog down so she wasn't nervous and then even helped me out to the car.  Unbelievable!  Thank you."  Mandy J.

"Very Impressive!"  Renee W.

"Loved the specialized treatment." Jolynn P.

"We have been extremely impressed."  Janet & Vince L.

"I've found my dog's new doctor."  Karen H.

"Everyone was courteous & friendly."  Dale Anne D.

"Our visit was welcoming and I left feeling confident that Sadie was getting excellent care.  Thank you!"  Mary W.

"Everyone was very welcoming and our dog loved all of the attention and treats!"  Rachel R.

"Excellent service."  Susan A.

"A puppy is a new adventure for our family and Dr. Prescott has been great helping us all settle in!"  Nichole F.

"I learned a lot and believe my 2 dogs are feeling better."  Michele B.

"Everything was explained well."  Valerie K.

"I really am glad I brought Pugsley there-the staff and Dr. Prescott are fantastic!"  Cindy S.

"Outstanding care for my dog.  Thank you for your service."  Nancy D.

"They did great with my nervous dog!"  Alyssa M.

"Very nice and thanks for having children stuff out for my 3 kids."  Angie W.

"The overall experience was great!  We were a little worried on our first visit but won't be next time!"  Tami M.

"Thank you all so much for taking such great care of Wile this past week.  He could not have been in better hands.  All of you treated him with so much love and respect.  I feel good having him in your care.  I appreciate the time you take with me and him."  Lisa L.

"Amazing service. So friendly." Jason B.

"We've had the best experience and are happy that we switched vets!"  Linzy & Mike E.

"Very polite and organized.  Also, answered all my questions thoroughly.  Excellent staff!"  Rhea E.

"We won't be going anywhere else now, everything about our first visit was wonderful!  Thank you Dr. Prescott!  Zoey is feeling 100% better thanks to you and your staff."  Katie F.

"Everyone is very friendly and helpful!  You gals are great!"  Jena H.

"I was very impressed with the facility and the staff.  I also thought the price for the services was very fair!"  Amy F.

"Wonderfully assuring, informative, helpful family.  Thank you!"  Lori Ann K.

"Pleasant, clean surroundings.  Doctor and staff are knowledgable and friendly."  Ron G.

"Dr. Prescott was fantastic with my dog!  I'm so happy I brought her there!  Thank you!"  Suzanne W.

"Staff was very courteous and helpful.  Could tell they really cared about our dogs."  Chris B.

"Fantastic. Thorough. Heartfelt & caring."  Vaunda W. & Kim M.

"Ebonee is not fond of her visits but we appreciate the gentleness and kindness every staff member demonstrates toward our anxious dog!"  Vicky H.

"Thank you so much for your wonderful care of Rupert.  I miss him so, but all of you were kind, professional and caring.  God Bless all of you."  Kathy M.

"Enlightening experience.  Great, valuable information received."  Ingrid B.

"I felt like Dr. Prescott was not in a rush to see Kaiser and get him out; she took time to talk and explain information."  Tara B.

"I loved it!  Dr. Prescott was wonderful!  Thank you!"  Jeannine K.

"Great.  Clean Facility."  Jack & Bea M.

"Very complete explanation about diagnosis and plan of care to be given.  Visit wasn't rushed and Dr. Prescott took her time, which is nice."  Keven S.

"Caring, professional providers in a clean and well euipped environment.  Yes!"  Bette E.

"Beaker was welcomed by all the staff members and pampered throughout her visit!"  Julie F.

"Very nice!"  Patti L.

"Barley likes the doctor, assistants, treats, etc.  Great experience."  James H.

"Dr. Prescott and her staff were very friendly and Georgia felt very comfortable which made me happy!"  Jennifer A.

"I was pleased with the staff as well as with the cleanliness of the facility."  Karen M.

"Dr. Prescott and the staff were very knowledgeable and friendly."  Carl K. & Kate H.

"Everyone was very friendly.  I immediately felt comfortable.  Dr. Prescott was wonderful with my dog!"  Lisa C.

"The staff was very compassionate, as was the doctor and the doctor was very reassuring about our dog's outcome."  Claire and Darrell C.

"Love Dr. Prescott and the office staff is wonderful."  Stokes Family

"Gave me a collar to try at visit to stop Mia from pulling-I bought it-she loves walks now and doesn't pull.  Thank you!"  Amy D.

"I love the way you provide a bullet-pointed list of upcoming needs/directions upon the end of the visit."  Sharon S.

"Staff showed genuine concern for my pet!"  Theresa & Jean J.

"I would never take my dog anywhere else.  Dr. and staff were awesome."  Robin A.

"Molly's visit was very informative and thorough."  Rosemary M.

"Really enjoyed the visit-everyone was great."  Shelly A.

"I enjoyed Dr. Prescott and staff.  She made me feel comfortable and same with my pug."  Natalie S.

"The experience, being a 1st time visit, was a very pleasant one.  Everyone was helpful and friendly."  Deborah D.

"I could not have been more pleased!  I will most definitely refer you!"  Nikki S.

"Thanks for taking the time to educate me about how to keep my dog healthy and happy!  The 'owners manual' you provided at my first visit has been a great rescue."     Katrina E.

"We were really pleased and happy with Coby's first visit.  Will definitely be back."     Dana O.

"We were very impressed with the friendly staff and the clean facility!  A great experience."     Crystal K.

"The staff was warm, friendly and caring."     Liz S.

"Dr. Prescott tried to help my dog with what he needed and keep cost down for me because I am on disability."     Sonny L.

"Everyone was great.  I felt very confident that my little guy was in good hands."    Kristen W. and Steven F.

"Tucker felt very comfortable and loved his first visit to the vet!"     Sarah and Scott W.

"Very happy with the care we received."     Catherine S.

"The whole staff seemed knowledgeable.  Very informative.  The best vet visit I have ever had!"     Lori C.

"Liked the automatic nail clipping and new puppy video."     Kim A.

"Terrific practice and staff."     Craig C.

"Thank you so much for helping our dog, we will recommend you to everyone!"     Stephen and Megan T.

"The staff was very friendly and took interest in Penny's issues and care."     Seth N.

"Great Environment."     Kelly A.

"Being a new client, I was impressed with the time the Dr. and staff took with me and our dog to get up to speed on his condition.  I appreciated the service!"     Christine K.

"Lennon seems comfortable at Dogs Only.  I know we are so-seems to be a good fit."     Geoff and Erin R.

"You all make Tilly feel very comfortable!"     Megan S.

"Dr. Prescott is knowledgeable, warm and very kind.  She represents what an excellent vet should be."     Kimberly C.

"She is the first vet I have taken my dog to, that took the time to make sure he was comfortable."     Mona E.

"I was very impressed with everything and your hospital."     Davonne B.

"The vet I was taking my dog to was "too busy" to see him even though he could not walk or even stand.  With one phone call, he was seen that same day by Dr. Prescott."     Debra H.

"Friendly, experts, and really love the No Pull harness."     Brandi K.

"This was the first time ever that Maggie did not mind having her nails trimmed."     Lara W.

"I am in the hospitality business and your levels are great."     Michael D.

"Really felt good about the visit, even my dog felt comfortable."     Regina T.

"Dr. Prescott impressed me when she sat down to answer all my questions."     Danielle S.

"I knew since the day I met you, what an incredible gift you are to the animals and their loved ones."     Emily T.

"I felt the staff were like family making us a part as well."     Barb G.

"Very happy with Dr. Prescott-you can tell she truly cares for her patients."     Sarah P.

"Scamp was warmly welcomed and made to feel at home."     Antionette G.

"I really enjoyed our visit and feel comfortable in trusting my dog's health to Dr. Prescott."     Mary T.

"The professionalism and care of my pet was exceptional."     Tiffany T.

"Dr. Prescott cares more about dogs than most 'people of the cloth' care about their clients."     Kevin M.

"I was extremely satisfied with our visit."     Cheryl F.

"It was nice that I was able to get a last minute appointment for my dog's eye infection."     Dianne Z.

"I was very impressed with the amount of time the Doctor spent getting to know my dog."     Nicole P.

"In just one visit with Dr. Prescott, Brutus is looking and feeling better than in 2 years of going to other vets."     Erica K.

"Best vet I've ever visited."     Austin R.

"My visit was informative and Brandy enjoyed the staff."     Kathy M.

"We loved the cleanliness of the office and waiting area.  It didn't have that 'dog smell' our previous vets office had!"     Diane C.

"We appreciated the detailed notes that were taken and also how Dr. Prescott called a week later to see how Benji was doing."     Tyler T.

"We were afraid we were going to lose our dog, but thanks to you we have him back."     Dorothy T.

"Dr. Prescott provided our dog the very best medical care."     Carol and Mike A.

"I was upset about my dog being sick and the receptionist put me at ease."     Lori P.

"Everyone was nice, friendly and professional."     Brent K.

"We were most impressed with the amount of time the Dr. took with us."     Thom S.

"Not only did the Dr. clear up Rocco's ear infection of 4 years, they got me in the same day I called."     Alison B.

"Dr. P treated my 14 yr old Shar Pei.  This dog had been treated by another vet for years and always suffered from severe allergies until we took her to see Dr. Prescott."     Mel P.

"I was very pleased with my pet's visit."     Caroline N.

"I don't think I would go anywhere else."     Ryan U.

"Our dogs were well cared for and we are happy to return."     Devon and Adam S.

"Very Personalized."     Jessica M.

"I appreciate your professionalism and thoughtful care." John L.
At Dogs Only Medical Center we provide excellent customer service.  Below are comments from clients about their experiences.
Lola relaxing on the exam table in room 2.
Jake loves his rawhides from Dogs Only!
Otis models his bee costume.
Sarah and Ellie pose for a picture at a recheck appointment.  Ellie was rescued as a puppy.  Dr. Prescott repaired her fractured jaw.
Sadie loves to show everyone her new red dress.
Scooter and Tugger dressed up for Halloween.
Serving Gahanna, New Albany, Blacklick, Westerville, Bexley and surrounding communities.
Homie all grown up!
Puppy Baxter-how can you resist that face?!
Peanut Butter enjoying one of her visits to Dogs Only.
Wesley relaxing after his visit.
Isn't Bella adorable?
Jack sure is a handsome boy!
Ella is as cute as a bug!