Our Services
Complete head to tail check ups.
Individualized action plan created.
Educational handouts for owners.
Nails trimmed always at no charge.
Gift (rawhide bone) for dogs after exam.
Before you buy/adopt a puppy counseling.
Puppy care and nutritional consults.
Housebreaking problems.
Separation, cage, and/or storm anxieties.
Aggression to people and/or other dogs.
Harmful to self or other destructive issues.
Pain assessment or chronic pain control.
Second opinions: ears, allergies, and/or really bad teeth.

Wellness and Prevention:
Vaccinations and Boosters.
Intestinal worms and Heartworm prevention.
Flea and Tick protection.
Puppy care and Training.
Adult and Senior dog care.
Medical Care:
Allergy control, allergy testing and vaccines.
Ears, videoscope and ear surgery.
Hospitalization and illness treatment.
Radiology of chest, abdomen and hips.
Skin infections, lacerations, and wounds.
Trauma, injuries and chronic pain.
Bladder stone surgery.
Knee and leg surgeries.
Sterilization surgery (spay and neuter).
Dental Care:
Teeth cleanings
dental x-rays
The cost of veterinary healthcare has actually risen very little in the last 20 to 30 years.  When compared to the cost of human healthcare, pet healthcare is not at all unreasonable.  Bear in mind that your veterinarian is not only your pet's physician, but also it's surgeon, radiologist, dentist, dermatologist, neurologist, ophthalmologist, psychiatrist, ear/nose/throat doctor, and pharmacist.  Your bill is a reflection of the cost of maintaining suitable facilities, equipment, and support personnel to provide the level of care that is expected in animal medicine today.  Unlike our counterparts in human medicine, we receive no financing or grants from federal or state agencies.
The Cost of Veterinary Healthcare
"Betsy came home relaxed and happy, not stressed like her other visits to the vet." Lara S.
Serving Gahanna, New Albany, Blacklick, Westerville, Bexley and surrounding communities.
The very friendly Morgan can't wait until her next visit to Dogs Only!
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Vaccine Pricing:


Distemper & Parvo$34.66$37.47$30.00

Kennel Cough $28.57$28.58 (6m)    $20.00