Senior Dogs
Dr. Prescott's view on senior pets:

As I think back on my 33 years as a veterinarian, I realize we used to think large dogs lived to about 11 or 12 years old.  These days we consider dogs "old" when they reach seventeen.  So when a client tells me their 12-year-old dog “is too old,” I reply, “that depends.”  If the dog is 12 years old and has failing vital organs (heart, kidney, liver) then yes, your dog is old.  Medically, I determine “old” as are the vital organs still working or not.  We see many large dogs in our office that are over 15 but still have normal vital organ function -  these pets are chronologically old, but not physically.  So age is all relative to vital organ function. It is important to keep up with preventative care such as teeth cleanings,  as the bacteria from the mouth will cause bacteria to spread to the vital organs (heart, kidney, liver) and then potentially cause failure of vital organs.  Many of these elder pets have problems that are not life threatening, but do affect their quality of life.  When a client brings their loved senior dog to me, my first goal is to ascertain vital organ status - then everything else is uphill from there.  I view that God has a plan for all our souls and when he wants us back, he will take us.  In the meantime, QUALITY OF DAILY LIFE IS OUR GOAL.

"I learned more today in 20 minutes than in 20 years of taking my dogs to the vet's."    K. Greenhalgh
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