Pet Insurance

Since you are going to take care of your pet, why not have help paying the bill?

Pet Insurance provides a financial resource for owners.  Pet insurance companies have multiple plans with various deductibles so there is an affordable plan for any budget.  There are plans for illness and accident coverage with or without preventative care (i.e. examinations, vaccines, heartworm testing).  Some plans also cover routine dental care.  Dog owners with insurance have peace of mind knowing they can afford the most appropriate treatment rather than the cheapest treatment plan.  Dog owners along with veterinarians make decisions about their dog's care not insurance agents.

How does pet insurance work?

Dog owners sign up for pet insurance online or by phone.  Pet insurance will not cover pre-existing conditions and some have waiting periods so the best time to get insurance is while your dog is still young.  However, any pet is eligible for coverage regardless of age.  Pet insurance gives dog owners the freedom to choose any licensed veterinarian.  Owners pay up front for veterinary services, submit a claim to their pet insurance company and recieve reimbursement.

The staff at the Dogs Only Medical Center have done the research for you.  We have chosen 2 insurance companies that offer customizable plans.  See their websites for more information.
Did you know that in Great Britian 25% of dogs are insured while in the United States it is less than 1%!  In Sweden, 50% of pets are insured.
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