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Veterinary dermatologist recommend bathing pets at home weekly using a pet shampoo (never a people shampoo) and brush thoroughly before bathing.

To make your dog’s visit to the groomer more pleasant, follow the recommended guidelines above for at home care to keep your dog tangle-free.  This will make the grooming of your pet go faster, cost less, be more pleasant and accepting by your dog. When picking your dog up from the groomer, have a special treat that you use only for this occasion.

HOW TO GET THE HAIRCUT YOU WANT….Professional grooming is hard work and requires the patience of a saint.  Groomers are anxious to please you but to do that requires a level of communication that is very specific.  The first time you use a new groomer, you should allow three grooming sessions to pass before deciding that this groomer is not the one for you.  Most unhappiness of clients with their pet’s grooming results from communication not being specific enough.  For example, to tell the groomer to leave a beard of hair around the dog’s mouth can be interpreted as a long or short beard, depending on who you are.  It would be better to instruct the groomer to leave a beard of approximately three inches.  Communication this specific leaves no misunderstandings to develop as three inches is three inches on everyone’s ruler.  After picking up your pet the first time from a new groomer, decide what you liked and what you did not like.  The second time you drop off the dog, tell the groomer what exactly you liked and what you would like differently.  For example, “I liked the three inch beard I requested but the hair trimmed around the rectum was not short enough.  Please trim hair around the rectum as close as possible.” After the third visit you and the groomer working in a communicative way should have the dog’s haircut just about how you would like all of it. 

Things to make the groomer aware of to assist the groomer in caring for your dog, notify him/her of the following:
Seizures- have the groomer record your dog’s doctor on the file
Arthritis- this may determine how long your pet can stand for grooming
Skin conditions- if the doctor prescribes a medicated shampoo to be used on
your pet, take it with you to the groomer each time
Bladder or bowel matters- your loved one may need more frequent trips outside
Hearing or sight diminishing with age
Growths on the skin- these should always be removed as groomers can try not to
nick them but at times accidents do happen.

Professional Grooming of your Dog
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