Allergies in Dogs

Allergies are a result of allergens that cause an allergic reaction.

In people, our histamine receptors are located in our eyes and nose.  Therefore, we experience pollen allergies as hay fever and develop runny eyes and an itchy nose.

In dogs, their histamine receptors are in their feet and ears.  Therefore, they experience pollen allergies as itchy feet and itchy ears.
Signs that your dog may be suffering from allergies:
  • Scratching, licking, and digging
  • Keeping you up at night because he/she is licking or itching
  • Face rubbing or scooting along the carpet
  • Hairloss, red or inflamed skin

If your dog is doing any of the above, please call us.  Dr. Prescott can relieve your dog's pollen allergy symptoms.

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