At the Dogs Only Medical Center, we believe in empowering dog lovers with our specialized knowledge.  We have the resources, skills and experience to empower dog owners to make the best decisions concerning their dog's care.  We want to ensure that your dog will live a long and healthy life.

What Makes Us Different
  • You will see the same experienced veterinarian every time so that your care is consistent and thorough.
  • The doctor will sit down and take time to get to know you and your pet.
  • We will always fit your sick dog in that day.
  • Gentle and complete physical exams starting at head and ending at tail.
  • Thorough explanations of any treatment and recommendations.
  • A state of the art facility, that is spotless and fresh smelling.
  • Caring team that receive continuing education and dog behavior training.
  • Always the same friendly receptionist every time you call.
  • Dog owner library-written and visual info available from A-Z.
  • Toddler play area in waiting room.
  • Answers to questions, verbally and written, from care to behavior problems.
  • Nail trims done as a standard and at no charge.
  • Happy exiting with help and a gift for the dog to take home.
  • Lab results promptly-some results within 5 minutes, other lab work 24-48 hrs.
  • We will keep you current on health news with our educational newsletters.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly calls or emails are made for owner reminders.
  • Our knowledge of specific breeds shortens diagnosis and treatment times.
  • We are equipped to physically handle large and giant breed dogs.
  • Clients allergic to cats are comfortable in our office.

We cannot know everything about everything, but WE KNOW DOGS!

Most of our clients see their dogs as members of their families. We feel the same way.  Which is why we give your dog the same level of care we would give our own dogs.  Dr. Prescott will often say, "If this were my dog, what would I do...?"
Serving Gahanna, New Albany, Blacklick, Westerville, Bexley and surrounding communities.
"The folks at Dogs Only are almost like extended family, who our pup LOVES to visit! That's what has kept us around for 10 years - when our pup sees the door he can't wait to go in for his appointment!"
Brian D.